Our goal is to acquire operationally essential, single-tenant real estate. EPRT has helped operators monetize their real estate to grow, acquire competitors to establish more profit centers, and reduce their real estate related expenses. EPRT has the capacity to underwrite, analyze and close a transaction in as little as thirty days. Working with Essential Properties will lower your cost of capital, increase your cash flow, significantly improve your return on investment/equity and maximize your company’s market valuation.

As a proven reliable partner, EPRT has collaborated with tenants to monetize real estate and fuel growth through these dynamic transaction options:


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Third Party Landlord Refinancing

Build to Suit/Construction Financing

What We Do

Essential Properties helps operators grow their businesses by funding the capital intensive real estate that many businesses require to generate cash flow. Conducting sale-leaseback transactions allows operators to deploy more capital into their businesses rather than tying capital into real estate which generates a significantly lower return. Essential Properties assists operators in M&A transactions by acquiring the real estate assets in a transaction from the seller and leasing it to the new business owner. This allows the operator to only invest capital into the actual operating entity.

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We follow a disciplined investment strategy built on sound credit fundamentals, portfolio diversification and successful experience.


Investment Type

Direct sale-leaseback & opportunistic existing leases


Property Type

Freestanding, single-tenant commercial properties


Lease Type

Primarily triple-net leases


Lease Term

Primarily leases with fifteen (15) years and rent escalations

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