Essential Sustainability Program

Essential Sustainability Program

The Essential Sustainability Loan Program. Since the second quarter of 2021 we have been developing our Essential Sustainability Loan Program, the initial sustainability program for our income property portfolio. Through this program we will offer our tenants the ability to obtain a Sustainability Loan from us to support a tenant’s implementation of sustainability initiatives at the property or properties it leases from us. Our initial commitment to this program is $[50] million. The primary objective of the Essential Sustainability Loan Program is for us to provide financing to our tenants to achieve their sustainability goals, which we believe will provide our tenants with strategic opportunities, including reducing their carbon footprints, rationalizing certain operating costs, and deploying sustainable features that may promote increased brand identity and customer adoption or loyalty. A tenant’s use of the loan proceeds must be for products, equipment and services that serve specific sustainability initiatives. Examples include lighting and lighting control systems, HVAC equipment and related insulation, water efficiency systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and solar energy solutions. The Company is currently engaged in identifying sustainability partners for the program that will assist participating tenants in evaluating the costs and benefits of their targeted sustainability solution, acquiring the necessary products and services, and implementing/installing the solution. The sustainability partners will also assist the tenant in identifying, applying for and obtaining any related grants, credits or similar financial incentives or payments that may be available from utility companies, governmental authorities or other parties. We expect that any grants, credits, financial incentives or other related payments received by the tenant will be required to be used to pay down the principal of the sustainability loan upon receipt. We are currently evaluating new sustainability programs to present to our tenants in addition to the Essential Sustainability Loan Program, whereby we will be able to deploy sustainability measures at our properties while also providing our tenants with the same opportunities for reducing their carbon footprint and improving their profitability and/or brand identity.




Sustainability Program

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